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Student Union Common Room

It's super easy to create a website. Seriously, you'll kick yourself when you figure out how easy it is. We're partnering with UCC Fashion Society, UCC Historical Society, UCC Journalism Society,E&S and UCC Societies to bring you our most-requested tutorial. In the first of a two-part tutorial, Colm Cahalane will…

NUI Galway

This is the first year that the computer societies of Ireland have come together for one large hackathon. This year, join us in National University Of Ireland, Galway and meet computer scientists, engineers, hobbyists and administrators from all over the nation! It's a great opportunity to network and make new…

Kane G19

On October 15th at 7PM in Kane G19, the amazing Sabrina Dent will be talking why the technology industry sucks for women right now. As women remain under-represented in the industry, and are frequently excluded from industry events and decision-making, we explore the causes for the situation, how they persist,…

G.03, Western Gateway Building

Nothing in this world can surpass the joy and amazement that comes from Eimear Crotty's drawings and models. So we're very excited to have her in to teach you about 3D modelling right from the moment of inception straight through to being ready to 3D print. Join us in WGB…

Costigans Bar, No. 11, Washington St., Cork

To celebrate nearly a full academic year of Teamwork.com's very kind sponsorship, we're taking our flagship PC to Costigans for a night of food, gaming and a bit of socialising. With a night of Gang Beasts, Duck Game and a couple of curveballs, it's certainly not a celebration you want…

CIX, Hollyhill, Cork

We're going on a fieldtrip to CIX - Cork's very own datacentre! The amazing Jerry Sweeney has offered to give us lucky bastards a tour of the server room, backup facilities and the kind of services they run in there. There'll even be pizza after!

Latest News


Nov 11, 2015

Intersocs is a network of IRC “peers” that facilitates communication with the following societies: Redbrick (DCU Netsoc) TCD Netsoc DUCSS (Dublin University Computer Science Society) Skynet (UL Netsoc) DIT Netsoc UCD Netsoc (Coming Soon…) NCI Netsoc (Coming Soon…) NUIG CompSoc (Coming Soon…)

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Lowdown – The complete guide to UCC societies

Oct 10, 2015

“We’ve just joined Ireland’s inter-societies network, and set ourselves up in the Cork Internet eXchange”, explains auditor Evan Smith. “This year we’re hoping to give student developers a place to practice, play and explore. Thanks to donations from our sponsors in CIX, Nova Broadband and Teamwork.com, and the support of…

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Tim McCarthy – Ex-Officio

Oct 10, 2015

A few years ago Netsoc was besieged by a multicoloured army of elemental chimeras. After three days of unrelenting slaughter, the anthropomorphic leader of the creatures came to us in submission, and begged for mercy and forgiveness from His Greatness. Luckily for Tim, ours is a merciful Lord, who happened…

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Kevin Devey – Ex-Officio

Sep 09, 2015

Once upon a time, Kevin was Netsoc’s biggest, baddest mofoin’ secret agent, specialising in Intel Architecture, thus infiltrating their company. Unfortunately, he was ousted from Intel HQ due to a hairy complication and is now our resident housekeeper. As he became all but redundant as an agent, he has taken…

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Denise Crowley – OCM

Sep 09, 2015

Many moons ago Denise figured out how to consciously alter her own brain to increase its processing speed and memory. No, she’s not a robot. Unlike Manthony and Killer Cat, Denise isolates parts of her body to make minor augmentations and go slightly beyond human limits. It is because of…

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Cáitríona Dennehy – OCM

Sep 09, 2015

Cáitríona is no ordinary bionic woman. Not only has she the capability of breaking every bone in your body before you can say “HOLY BALLS”, she can patch you up and send you on your way before anyone notices. Before her rebirth as Bionic Cáitríona she worked as a Medic…

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