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Gaming Events

We've got weekly gaming events, with games ranging from Tekken to Super Smash Bros to Mario Kart. We've even hosted VR competitions with our Oculus and themed competition nights such as Pokemon Stadium or King of Fighters.

Tech Events

We host weekly tech events, from informative tech talks to comprehensive, hands-on tutorials. Got an interest in web dev? Want to gain more insight into the technologies that power our lives? You're sure to enjoy our tech talks!


We've brought students to CIX, Cork's very own datacentre, took them to FOSDEM, a yearly developer's conference in Brussels, and even had cool nights out in Barcadia.

All Dem Pics

Don't just take our word for it, check out these photos from past events. 👀

Some of The Events We Host

Whether you're a tech nerd or a hardcore gamer, we've got an event to suit you.

Team Member

Welcome to Netsoc!

Every year we start it all off with an introduction for all our new members!
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Retro gaming

Love retro themes? So do we! Come along to one of our themed events!
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Make a Website

Ever wanted a website? Don't want to spend time learning HTML? We host Wordpress tech talks!
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Barcadia Visits

Refusing to be constrained to campus, our adventures take us to Barcadia, the retro arcade, bar and kitchen. Tokens, food and games await!
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Get Involved with the SysAdmins

Our SysAdmins love tech more than they love themselves. If you love tech too, make sure to come say hi!
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Experience VR

We love VR. In fact, we have an unhealthy obsession for it. Especially Superhot. And Beat Saber.
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Learn the why and how of Github, a vital tool of all programmers!
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Making websites can be easy. Making beautiful websites is hard. In this talk we introduced people to CSS frameworks to superboost your websites!

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Tech Talks and Events we've Previously Hosted

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