“That weird cube is leaking again...”


Name: Cáitríona “Killer Cat” Dennehy

Level: 20

Race: Bionic Woman

Alignment: True Neutral

Class: Overlord’s Combat Militia (OCM)


Cáitríona is no ordinary bionic woman. Not only has she the capability of breaking every bone in your body before you can say “HOLY BALLS”, she can patch you up and send you on your way before anyone notices. Before her rebirth as Bionic Cáitríona she worked as a Medic for Netsoc during the Great Silicon Rebellion, where she used her magic medic powers to rebuild troops and get them back out in the field. Unfortunately her tent was hit with the enemy’s GDL and half of her body was destroyed. Supreme Overlord Evan was so distraught with the thought of losing his best medic that he had his underlings rebuild into the not at all scary semi-robot who can run almost as fast as Barry Allen and dominates anyone who stands in her way (or even a little to the side).


  • Pseudokill
  • Full cure
  • Superduperspeed

Specialty: Hyper Zoom Slash: Cáitríona zooms through the battlefield decimating her enemies

Weapon(s) of choice: Herself

Most treasured item(s): She keeps one of her old leg bones in a display case in her room


  • Destroy Barry Allen and take his world record