“Mittens please don’t pee there, I need that.”


Name: Denise Crowley

Level: 24

Race: Augmented Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Overlord’s Cyber-Weapon Master (OCM)


Many moons ago Denise figured out how to consciously alter her own brain to increase its processing speed and memory. No, she’s not a robot. Unlike Manthony and Killer Cat, Denise isolates parts of her body to make minor augmentations and go slightly beyond human limits. It is because of this that Glorious Evan has made her the head of cyber weaponry and knitted technology within Netsoc. What’s knitted technology you ask? Well just another of Denise’s amazing innovations. Her passion for technology is matched only by her love for knitting, so of course she combined the two! Remember those little knitted suits of armour the Overlord knits for his kitten? Well Denise not only taught him how to do that, she told him to knit little robotic suits so that Mittens can play world domination too!


  • Self-augmentation
  • Making little robot mice for Mittens
  • Shoots lasers from fingertips
  • Superior (human) knowledge of just about everything

Specialty: Knitted technology

Weapon(s) of choice: Knitting needles

Most treasured item(s): Her brain and her set of micro knitting needles


  • Slowly become a cooler robot than Anthony
  • Make time for her secret passion, knitted food