“Overlord, Sir, your sparkle sprinkled doughnuts are ready.”


Name: Kevin “Agent 707” Devey

Level: 23

Race: Human, bleugh

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Veteran


Once upon a time, Kevin was Netsoc’s biggest, baddest mofoin’ secret agent, specialising in Intel Architecture, thus infiltrating their company. Unfortunately, he was ousted from Intel HQ due to a hairy complication and is now our resident housekeeper. As he became all but redundant as an agent, he has taken to domestic pursuits such as cooking and cleaning. He may or may not have been the “elderly woman” who stumbled upon Evan all those years ago. Not only does he prepare great feasts for the troops and clean up their gross aftermath, he likes to make tiny gourmet dishes for Mittens the kitten. Mittens, however, has other ideas and often dismisses Kevin’s attempts. C’mon Mittens, there’s only so much rejection a chef can take.


  • Ambiguity
  • Superior knowledge of microprocessors
  • Persistence
  • Determination

Specialty: A special mix of persistence, determination and general grovelling

Weapon(s) of choice: There may or may not be a mini death laser under his beard

Most treasured item(s): The miniature set of delph and cutlery he made for Mittens


  • Breakaway from Netsoc to start own secret agency
  • Apologise to Intel
  • Gain Mittens’ love and appreciation