We are the committee of UCC's Networking, Technology and Gaming Society. Our mission as a society is to help breed and explore a curiosity in all technologies. In previous years we focused on creating a social atmosphere and bringing people together through video games, but it has become increasingly clear that a gap has formed from this approach - we have stopped satiating that thirst for knowledge. It is something our committee has become acutely aware of. This year however, that all changes.

Throughout this year we will be holding a wide range of talks from local developers about things like cyber security, backbone-sized networks and so much more. Through this, we aim to spark that curiosity in people to go out and do wonderful things. Between these talks we intend to provide tutorials and workshops in order to show people how to apply these topics. For example: we are already scripting a cyber security demonstration with real-life code, threats and vulnerabilities as well as a Capture The Flag challenge later in the year. A lot of college courses teach a wide and diverse theoretical side to technology and systems but we are going to teach people practical, real-life skills.

We won't stop until every student on campus benefits from what we have to offer.

People need a space to practice, play and explore so this year we aim to establish a solid server infrastructure to give people access to web-space, virtual machines, version control and file storage/backup. We have been very generously given space inside Cork Internet eXchange (CIX) and a spare server as well as servers from Nova Broadband and DCU's Redbrick Society in addition to vast amounts of advice and well wishes. We are immensely grateful as this expansion will allow us to finally join the Inter-Society Network and provide our services to the entire campus.

We aim to create and maintain strong relationships with local and international businesses and to attract sponsorship for the society. In the last month alone, we have received an abundance of help, support and goodwill from all over Cork: CIX have agreed to provide us connectivity in a world-class datacentre as well as donating hardware to our cause; Nova Broadband have generously given us one of their virtualisation servers as well as offered us support with getting up and running; Teamwork.com is due to become an active sponsor of our social and networking events; Redbrick have offered us top-class mentorship as well as server hardware to aid us in kicking off; IT@Cork are helping us link with Cork's vibrant and thriving technology community; And, finally, Google set up our meeting with Redbrick and have given us guidance in where to start and expand.

Technology pervades everything we touch. We are a society of entrepreneurs and developers, of artists and writers, of nurses and engineers. We are as diverse and connected as the devices we use every day. We are curious. We are hungry.

We are


with a little help from our friends

It's dangerous to go alone; come with us!

We'll be having weekly gaming and social events every Tuesday, and techncial talks and tutorials every Thursday throughout the year.

Sign up for our newsletter and follow us online to keep in touch with us and find out what we're up to during this very busy year. If you've any questions or queries, or would like to work with us during the year, just contact chairperson@netsoc.co.